About Stellar Wellness

Judd Stephens LMT

I was born and grew up in Richmond, Indiana and in 2000 moved to Charleston, SC.  It was there that I attended Charleston School of Massage , completing the 500 hr. course and became a licensed Massage Therapist; also I acquired several other skills such as cranio-sacral therapy.  One reason I think becoming a MT appealed to me was it represented a true return to health and happiness, where I could experience this and share it with others on a regular basis.  Together with my wife Melissa who is from Peru, our motto is to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible.  It all starts with good cooking, which my wife has been the best teacher and innovator!   We also enjoy good humor, by far the best and most underrated medicine.  I practice Qigong meditation and Tai Chi regularly along with some yoga and Ultimate Frisbee, which is a sport of many years dear to the heart.  Last but not least I try to receive a massage at least every other week.

About Massage Therapy

“The biggest thing Massage therapy has done for me is just allowed me to perform at a high level each and every day.”  “I definitely have to use my body throughout my career and I feel that massage therapy has kept me off the operating table for a very long time”

–  Scott Proctor, Former Major League Baseball Pitcher

Why get a Massage? 

To live a more rewarding and productive life.  Here’s some of the reasons why:

Pain Relief:  It’s difficult to find a more effective, safer, and longer lasting relief from pain than massage therapy.  Even headaches and pain thought to be from arthritis are frequently reduced or eliminated. 

Improved joint flexibility & posture:  Ideal for everyone, from athletes to those who click the mouse, massage reverses the stiffness from injuries and repetive motion. 

Circulation:  Massage increases blood and lymphatic flow which improves metabolism and releases stagnant, poorly oxygenated areas. 

Psychological: Often times when we are holding emotional pain, mental stress or other related issues, our body tends to hold a corresponding pattern-  tight neck, shoulders rounded forward, tight hips, shortness of breath, etc.  Improved sense of well being, renewed vitality and less anxiety are all common outcomes associated with massage.

Lifestyle:  Receiving massage and bodywork regularly is inspirational.  It will continue to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle and to give yourself the proper care.  It’s more than just an intangible “reward” you treat yourself with, but it also makes it possible to continue doing the things you love at a high level and to live life with greater ease. 

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