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This is Judd. Thank you for visiting my website!  My goal as a Massage Therapist, Body & Energy worker is to help you live a happier, less stressful, and more pain-free life, allowing you to accomplish your goals and be more effective in day-to-day activities.  Just the feeling of moving freely, having less stress, allowing your muscles to heal and getting better quality sleep can have a profound affect on your well-being and life.  What I can offer you is not just a better day, but help you achieve a better lifestyle.


Customized Massage

With Stellar Wellness, you will get over 15 years experience of massage and other therapies relying on both technique, intuition and common sense to find the right treatment for you.

Lymphatic Cleansing Acupressure

An excellent detoxification and energizing treatment, this Specialized Manual Therapy could help those suffering from edema (swelling), chronic fatigue, pain and poor circulation.

Cranio sacral

A powerful, yet subtle healing therapy, improving brain and nervous system function.


With Reiki, the hands lightly touch or hover just above areas of the body, which can release emotional blockages, and often cause warmth or various pleasant healing sensations.

Massage Cupping

Cupping is a time tested treatment various sized cups are placed on broad areas of the body and create a vaccum or “negative pressure”.

Chair Massage

Office Party, Employee Retention or Customer Appreciation? Massage is a proven “morale-booster” in the workplace and is effective in treating work-related stress and chronic pain.

Neural reset Therapy

This is a game changer! NRT is a more participatory therapy that is easily blended in with the massage session. It works by flexing the opposite (antagonist) of the tight muscles, which releases them sometimes instantly. Very effective.

Gift Certificates

Surprise your loved ones with Stellar Wellness Massage Gift Certificates. This gift can apply to the massage studio located at 113 Wappoo Creek Dr Suite 2 or to the mobile service.

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client's reviews

Judd can not thank you enough for the amazing massage today that so totally focused on my problem area neck and shoulders. Appreciate all your patience and help to finally get my appointment. Will be back on my next visit.
Charleston, SC
I was suffering with pain from my hip down the side of my leg for more than a month due to a car accident. Although I had been receving massages at my Chiropractor's office the pain persisted. In one session with Judd he literally fixed my hip and leg. I attribute this to his extensive training and advanced technique. Thanks Judd!
Leslee M.
Charleston, SC
I had been experiencing searing headaches due to muscular tension every day for a couple weeks, and when I came to see you it went away and hasn't come back since.
Charleston, SC
I had chronic neck pain for years and now it's gone. My fiance' and I refer to you as "the miracle worker".
Denver, CO